Industrial Park

Our most notable achievement is the sprawling “JALAN INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX”, West Bengal’s most significant private industrial park, covering over 2,000 acres. A renowned landmark in West Bengal which accommodates over 600 manufacturing and logistics units, offering exceptional infrastructure and area capacity exceeding 4 million square feet. This remarkable accomplishment, accomplished without any governmental backing, showcases our group’s commitment to sustainable development and progress.

The Jalan Group’s Panchla Industrial Complex, located near Kolkata, is a significant venture aimed at becoming a leading private developer of industrial estates nationwide. Spanning over 200 acres, the complex offers extensive infrastructure and accommodation capacity exceeding 1 million square feet, attracting multinational and national companies.

The Singur Industrial Complex in Hooghly is a valuable asset in the Jalan Group’s portfolio. Spread across more than 50 acres of land along NH 2, Durgapur Expressway, it has the potential for future expansion by acquiring an additional 50 acres.

Through our commitment to world-class infrastructure and services, the Jalan Group shapes West Bengal’s industrial landscape, fostering economic growth and becoming a preferred destination for reliable infrastructure solutions.